How it works

Looking to create a custom piece of jewelry, but now sure how it works? We involve you on each step and guide you through all the decision making process form start to finish. 



Start with a Consultation

Stop by our light-filled studio in Beacon, New York and meet one-on-one with designer Marisa Lomonaco. We'll talk through all the options and determine a design direction for your custom engagement ring, wedding band or precious heirloom. If your not able to make it to our studio, this process can be done over the phone or through email. 


Risk-free Custom Sketches 

After talking through some initial options at your consultation,  Marisa will produce a range of sketches for you to review. This step is 100% risk free and requires no commitment or money down. From here we'll decide on a final layout.  We'll develop the 2D drawing further and present a 3D model with final details. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.48.19 PM.png


3D Model Review

Using 3D modeling techniques, we will develop a complete final design. That digital model will used to create a physical pattern on our in-house 3D printer. You 'll be able to hold the model in your hand, see the scale and proportion and decide if it's the exactly what you wanted. Small adjustments and additional patterns can me made, until the perfect pattern is complete and ready to cast in metal. 

Behind-the-Scenes-1 copy 3.jpg


Finished Casting and Stone Setting

Marisa has over 15 years of experience in metal working, casting and finishing. With carefully attention to detail, we will create a beautifully crafted ring, with expertly set stones. We produce castings in a range of materials and finishes including Platinum, Rose, Yellow or White Gold and Sterling Silver. We work with a number of supplier of precious stones, and conflict free diamonds and can procure the perfect stone for any project.