Custom Jewelry Thoughtfully Crafted by Hand in Beacon, New York 



About Marisa Lomonaco Jewelry 

Marisa Lomonaco specializes in creating custom jewelry and objects that are designed and constructed with an emphasis on quality and longevity. Sculptural in nature, her collections blur the line between refinery and edge. Marisa began experimenting with jewelry making in her small Beacon, New York studio in 2008, using found objects and digital 3D printing processes. Her education in sculpture and metal arts continues to inform her designs. Marisa's work has been featured on Refinery 29, and WWD.  

Always classic but sometimes unpredictable. Intended for those with a passionate uncompromising sense of individuality. Each accessory tells a story and improves with wear and age. Each and every piece is molded and cast into high quality recycled metals, right here in the Hudson Valley.


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Born in upstate New York, Marisa spent her early life working on crafts and exploring the outdoors on her family's farm.  She was immediately drawn to metal working while in a foundation sculpture course in college that taught the ancient art of lost wax casting. After the very first metal pour she was hooked. Marisa graduated from Ithaca College in 2006 with a BFA in Sculpture. Before making the leap to jewelry design, Marisa cut her teeth at the world's foremost art casting facility, Tallix Art Foundry, teaching her the intricacies of the lost wax casting process. 



"I have always been drawn to natural forms and textures and I began making jewelry with the notation of casting found objects in metal. Much of my work still reflects that original process, but today my patterns come from are more geometric deconstructions of organic forms using 3D modeling and printing " 

- Marisa Lomonaco



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