A Guide to Custom Engagement Rings


The Diamond Guide

Finding the perfect diamond cut for your engagement ring can be a difficult decision. With so many options to choose from it is a challenge to settle on a style that suits your taste. Take a look through our diamond cut guide - we broke down our favorite options to help ease you through the decision making process. No matter which shape you choose we can help create the perfect setting and custom engagement ring design to compliment the cut of your choice. All of the diamonds and gemstones that we use are ethically sourced and all of our engagement rings are handcrafted in the Hudson Valley.






Trillion Cut Diamond

The trillion is triangular cut diamond that was first introduced in the Netherlands by the Asscher brothers. Although it is not the most commercially popular diamond shape, it's a stunning and sometimes edgy alternative to a more traditional cut. Trillion cut diamonds are available with curved or straight sides. Trillion cuts are often used as secondary stones, flanking the sides of a larger round or princess cut diamonds in a trinity setting. 




Round Cut Diamond

The round cut diamond is likely the most popular and traditional diamond style. Smaller sizes are often used in pave setting as and larger stones are used as center stones in classic solitaire rings. Available in many carats and colors, this is the perfect solution for a wide variety of ring styles and settings. 





Princess Cut Diamond

Created in the 1960's, the princess cut with its distinctive square or rectangular shape makes a perfect center stone for a traditional solitaire or trinity rings. It gained popularity in the late 90's and early 2000's and became the go to style for many celebrities.  It's chevron shaped facets are available in both french and cross cuts. 



Pear Cut Diamond

With it's teardrop shape, the pear cut diamond is one of the most desirable and unusual cuts on the market. The pear shape is perfect centerpiece for many ring styles but looks best in a classic prong setting. The elongated shape creates a striking line thats helps to visually lengthen the hand.




Oval Cut Diamond

Created in the 1960's, the oval cut diamond is a more unique alternative to the popular round or brilliant cut shapes. Available in a wide range of proportions from wide to narrow, it's a versatile option for many styles and settings. 




Marquise Cut Diamond

Designed to maximize carat weight, the elongated marquise shape is one of the most popular fancy cut diamonds. It's shape lends itself nicely to ornate bands, offering additional real estate to allow complicated designs to shine.



Emerald Cut Diamond

With its rectangular facets, the emerald cut diamond is a chic and angular with an art deco sensibility. The stepped facets of a emerald cut translate into a rare brilliance that maximizes sparkle and shine. Similar to other elongated shapes the emerald cut both lengthens the hand and looks dazzling when flanked with side stones in a trinity design.  



Baguette Cut Diamond

The baguette diamond is perhaps the most minimal of all the diamond cuts. Don't let that fool you. It's a highly modern and sophisticated look as a center diamond and a stunning compliment to other stones. Used horizontal or vertically the contemporary simplicity of the baguette diamond is a timeless choice.